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Proline Prowirl F 200

Vortex flowmeter for gases and liquids in industrial ancillary services

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  • Integrated temperature and pressure measurement for steam and gas
  • Space-saving mounting due to inlet run compensation
  • Unique linearity and measurement accuracy up to Re 10 000
  • Simple and safe operation due to Touch Control – no need to open the device
  • Comfortable installation on account of device wiring and verification without expansion possible (Heartbeat Technology)

Fields of application

  • Wet and saturated steam
  • Overheated steam
  • Gases and fluids (also cryogenic)
  • Optimized for steam applications


The Proline Prowirl F 200 from Endress+Hauser is a vortex flowmeter for inline wet steam detection in industrial ancillary services. With its drift eliminating, capactive sensor it ensures high long term stability and is considered as the toughest vortex meter worldwide. Integrated functions as the Heartbeat Technology and the genuine loop-powered technology facilitate the usage and guarantee the maximum of process safety. The space-saving inlet run compensation opens up optimal mounting and installation conditions. The Proline Prowirl F 200 offers together with the integrated flowcalcuator and the vortexmeter-groundbody, high measurement accuracy for gases and fluids up to Re 10000.

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Pipe DiameterPipe Diameter DN40 1-1/2"
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