PT 100 with connection head MA

PT 100 compact thermometer for liquid and gas

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SKU: MA1P6200


  • Measuring Principle/ sensor type: Pt100
  • Measuring/Operating Range: -50 to 400 °C
  • Accuracy: Class F 0.3 (Class B) DIN EN 60751 conform
  • Max. pressure 40 bar at ambient temperature 25 °C with G1/2" process connection
  • Nominal length: 100, 160 or 250 mm

Fields of application

  • Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Mechanical, plant and apparatus engineering
  • Container and pipeline construction
  • In the chemical and petrochemical industry


The resistance thermometers with connection head MA are constructed shock resistant and are suitable for under- and overpressure due to the high density. All B+B resistance thermometers are made from high-quality stainless steel and therefore resistant against lyes and oils.

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PT 100 with connection head MA
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