Universal temperature head transmitter for resistance thermometers and thermocouples PC-programmable

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  • Sensor Input: 1 x RTD, TC
  • Output/ Communication Protocol: 4…20 mA and PCP (pc-programmable)
  • Accuracy: (Pt100, -50 to 250 °C) ≤ 0.4 K, (Pt100, -58 to 482 °F) ≤ 0.9 °F
  • Type: Head transmitter
  • Device configuration via PC with configuration kit and ReadWin® 2000 PC software

Fields of application

  • Suitable for resistance thermometer (RTD) and thermocouple (TC)


The iTEMP TMT80 is a PC-programmable (PCP) temperature head transmitter from Endress+Hauser for converting different input signals into an analog, scalable 4...20 mA output signal. The transmitter is configurable and supports both selected resistance sensor types and thermocouples. In order to obtain the highest measurement precision, linearization characteristics for every type of sensor are stored in the transmitter. The standardized output signal used for process measurement is a 4...20 mA signal. This offers fast, easy temperature measuring, and reliable measurement values for a wide range of non-ex industry applications.

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