Thermophant T TTR31

Temperature switch for RTD Sensor for safe monitoring of process temperatures

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  • Measuring Principle: Intelligent temperature switch with Pt100 sensor (Class A)
  • Measuring Range: -50 to 200 °C (-58 to +392 °F)
  • Accuracy: Class A as per IEC 60751
  • Respnse Time: t50 < 1.0 s, t90 < 2.0 s
  • DESINA-compliant

Fields of application

  • Monitoring, display and control of process temperatures
  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulics
  • Coolant and lubrication systems
  • Machine building


Optimal use of space, reliable operation, easy installation and commissioning indicate modern process measuring technology. The temperature switch Thermophant T TTR31 from Endress+Hauser completely fulfills these requirements. Designed for the safe measurement and monitoring of process temperatures it can be selected between one or two switch outputs as well as one switch output and one standardized analog output. Vibration-proof integrated thin-film sensors guarantee highest operational safety

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Questions & Answers

Does it come with hygienic approvals? (1 answer)
by Angela Gibson, almost 3 years ago
The Thermophant TTR31 comes with hygienic approvals along with various other certifications. The device meets the legal requirements of the EC directives and so gets a CE mark. It follows the various IEC, NAMUR, and NEMA standards and guidelines as well. As for the hygiene standard, the TTR31 temperature switch satisfies the requirements of the Sanitary Standards and Endress+Hauser confirms this by giving ti a a 3-A symbol hygienic approval.
by Karthikeyan Karunanithi, almost 3 years ago
What is the measuring principle of the Thermophant TTR31? (1 answer)
by Eileen Arndt, almost 3 years ago
The temperature switch consists of a bimetal switch and a sensor. Generally, the change in temperature will make the bimetal deflect and kill the circuit, i.e when the temperature increases, the bimetal heats up until a temperature where it deflects and thereby opening up the electrical contacts and when the temperature drops, the bimetal returns to its original state and closes the electrical contacts. A platinum sensor is located at the measuring tip that changes its resistivity depending upon the temperature value. This resistance value is recorded electronically.
by Raphael Freitas, almost 3 years ago
What are the process connections that the device comes with? (1 answer)
by Stormy Terrell, about 3 years ago
The device comes with threaded connections- G 1/2 ", G 1/4 ", and ANSI NPT 1/4 " and NPT 1/2 ".
by Eva Scholz, about 3 years ago
Thermophant T TTR31
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