Thermophant T TTR35

Temperature switch for monitoring of process temperatures in hygienic applications

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  • Measuring Principle: Intelligent temperature switch with Pt100 sensor (Class A)
  • Measuring Range: -50 to 200 °C (-58 to +392 °F)
  • Accuracy: Class A as per IEC 60751
  • Respnse Time: t50 < 1.0 s, t90 < 2.0 s
  • FDA compliant

Fields of application

  • Monitoring, display and control of process temperatures
  • For hygienic applications


The temperature switch Thermophant T TTR35 from Endress+Hauser completely fulfills the requirements in the Food & Beverage as well as in the Life Science industry. Designed for safe monitoring of process temperatures it can be selected between one or two switch outputs as well as one switch output and one standardized analog output. A variety of hygienic process connections leads to a flexible use.

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Questions & Answers

What is the sensor element used in the device? (1 answer)
by Hether Brewser, over 3 years ago
Both the usual and the hygienic standard uses a Pt100- Platinum RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) with a resistance of 100 ohms at 0 degrees Celsius whose resistance changes with change in temperature. The purpose of employing this sensor element is to measure, monitor, and control of process temperatures in general and hygienic processes as well.
by Germán Sarmiento, over 3 years ago
What are the output specifications of the device? (1 answer)
by Joe Johnston, over 3 years ago
The Thermophant TTR35 takes up a DC voltage version for its output: It can take up one PNP switch output, or two PNP switch outputs, or a combination of two PNP switch outputs or one PNP switch output and 4-20 mA output. To summarise, the device is capable of having more than one output.
by Marco Zanzotera, over 3 years ago
What are some general error and warning signals display? (1 answer)
by Dorothy Carr, almost 4 years ago
In general, E-code are for errors and W-code are for warnings. In the event of an error message, the measured value is uncertain while the value can be reliable during a warning message. Some general error codes are E011- Device configuration faulty, E012- Error in measurement, E019- Undervoltage/Overvoltage, E021- Error in RAM, and E044- Fluctuating output current. Similarly, some warning messages are W202- Temperature outside the sensor range, W210- Configuration modified, W212- Sensor signal outside the permitted range, and W250- Number of switch cycles exceeded.
by Fabrício Andrade, almost 4 years ago
Thermophant T TTR35
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