Temperature transmitter for head mounting with USB-port

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  • Input: Thermocouples J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B and Pt100, Pt1000 and NTC RTD with programmable working range
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 % for Pt100 and Pt1000 and ± 0.3 °C for NTC
  • Temperature effect: Smaller than 0.16 % / 25 °C
  • USB micro-B port allows direct connection to PC or smartphone
  • Free Windows configuration software and Android configuration app

Fields of application

  • Convertion of input signals into a scalable 4...20 mA analog output signal
  • Suitable for resistance thermometer (RTD) and thermocouple (TC)


TXBlock-USB is a powerful high-accuracy loop-powered head mounted temperature transmitter from Novus. It accepts several types of temperature sensors – thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000, NTC and 0-50 mV signal. It allows 2 points calibration for field tuning and can be supplied already preconfigured with customer parameters. As a world class device, TxBlock-USB is compliant with the leading standards of electromagnetic compatibility, and is highly immune and reliable device for industrial environment.

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Questions & Answers

What is the voltage specification of the device? (1 answer)
by Clark Layford, almost 3 years ago
The power source varies from 10 to 35 V DC exists across the transmitter.
by Raphael Freitas, almost 3 years ago
What is the operating temperature of the device? (1 answer)
by Millar Boyle, almost 3 years ago
The TxBlock-USB transmitter has an operating temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.
by Eva Scholz, almost 3 years ago
What is the type of measuring element used in the device? (1 answer)
by Chanel Preston, about 3 years ago
The measuring system used is a thermocouple: Type J, K, R, S, T, N, E and B. Apart from that, it can also been voltage transmitter with a range of 0 to 50 mV. Apart from that an RTD sensor Pt100 and Pt1000 with a measurement range of -200 to 650 °C in both cases.
by Germán Sarmiento, about 3 years ago

SKU 8806000410

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Valentine Godin

Great product and customer care! Reliable, fast and honest... I have recently purchased 2 pieces of equipments; their service has been spot on from start to finish, understanding my needs, providing useful advice and rapid assistance when it was required! Highly satisfied, I highly recommend their teams and would definitely work with them again in the future!

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