Two-wire loop powered temperature transmitter for in-head assembly

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  • Input Sensor: configurable, Thermocouple J, K, T, N, R, S, B, E, and Pt100
  • Output: 4...20mA current or 20...4 mA, two-wire type; linear in respect to the measured temperature
  • Accuracy: max. error of 0.3 % of max. range for thermocouples; 0.2 % of max. range for Pt100 and voltage
  • Response Time: ≤500 ms
  • Communication cable: mini-B USB cable, 5 pins

Fields of application

  • Convertion of input signals into a scalable 4...20 mA analog output signal
  • Suitable for resistance thermometer (RTD) and thermocouple (TC)


TxIsoPack-USB is a fully isolated 4...20 mA two-wire loop powered temperature transmitter from Novus for in-head assembly. Complete sensor type selection and range configuration is achieved by connecting the device directly to a PC USB port thus not requiring any other interface, special converter or any additional driver. The isolated and linearized current output represents the sensor input signal according to the temperature sensor selected.

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SKU 8807000000

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What do our customers say

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