Buyer guide: Micro Motion 5700 and ROTAMASS Total Insight

Today we’re starting a new series at Visaya. If you’ve followed us for some time, you already know our product reviews and comparisons. They provide you an overview of device features and capabilities so you can judge for yourself whether the instrument will work for your application or not.

In our normal format, we usually have two product reviews and one comparison a week. This means if you want to get all the information you need on both devices and the comparison between them, then you have to read three articles.

No more! With the new buyer guide series, we’ll squish all this information into one post for you. For the first guide, we’ll go back to our first reviews and comparison, between Emerson’s Micro Motion 5700 and the Yokogawa Rotamass Total Insight. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Micro Motion 5700

Whatcha got there?

This Coriolis flow meter has not only a great design but also many features, especially for local configuration. With four buttons on your display, you can easily navigate through the menus. It also provides descriptive alerts with guided diagnostics and multilingual support. Nice!

The side access on the device offers great visibility for your input/output channels and service ports, making it easier to identify your wires, terminals, and connections. It also offers easy-to-use data transfer with a USB stick to get your data from your device to your computer and vice-versa.

Besides that, it has the good old Smart Meter Verification (SMV) technology we know and love.

Micro Motion 5700
Courtesy of Emmerson

What can it do?

The Micro Motion 5700 comes with built-in Ethernet protocols – PROFINET, EtherNet-IP, and Modbus TCP/IP. You can also save and upgrade the configuration and diagnostic reports using a simple USB stick. No USB-C though. If the trend of USB-C continues and we get to a point that all new laptops come with a USB-C port, then you’ll need a dongle for your transmitter. #Donglelife

Moving to the display and setup, the configuration used to be faster and simpler. Now you need to know what you’re doing. The accuracy of the device didn’t improve but didn’t need to, either. If it ain’t broke, Emerson don’t fix it!

Why should I care?

Because the Micro Motion 5700 offers you a lot of features which should help you in a variety of applications. If you’re ready for a fancy device, then check it out. All these features come with a price, though. I mean, literally. It is a hit in the wallet. You know you gonna pay for all the new tech. However, if you need a good Coriolis flow meter and got cash to spend, then check it out!


Rotamass Total Insight

Whatcha got there?

After years of the same model, Yokogawa launched the Rotamass Total Insight, a line of six Coriolis flow meters for various purposes and applications. It comes with new features and built-in technology. You probably won’t need everything they offer, but it’s always good to have options, right?

Yokogawa’s marketing team also did a nice job on the naming of the devices. I really like them. But names won’t really help you, will they? So let’s see the features on these devices.

What can it do?

As mentioned before, this line offers a ton of features, one of them data mobility. With a micro-SD card, you can easily transfer data from your device to your laptop and analyze it.

Another feature is the “Tube Health Check” function. It helps you avoid unscheduled downtime and increase the lifespan of your meter.

One downside of this line is that they pulled out the built-in Ethernet protocol. I get that digital is the new trend, but it’s not the savior of instrumentation world.

RotasMASS Total Insight
Courtesy of Yokogawa

Why should I care?

Because one of the devices from the Total Insight line might help you on your next process. As always, you have to decide for yourself if the features  are worth the price. Besides that, don’t forget to check the tube material before choosing your meter.

So which one you should pick? Well, if you need a simple device, then you should probably go for the Essential. If you want something great, then pick the ULTIMATE – it has more features than an iPhone! In any case, you’ll get a nice flow meter with great features to improve your process.


Micro Motion 5700 vs Rotamass Total Insight

Now that we’ve had an overview of our two contenders, it’s time to put them display to display. We’ll break down the pros and cons of both devices and you can decide who wins.

In the blue corner, we have the Micro Motion 5700 from Emerson, weighing in at 14.2 pounds! In the green corner, with a wide variety of weights, sits the ROTAMASS Total Insight line from Yokogawa! Each fighter has a handful of good features. We’ll highlight the important ones you should consider.

Digital protocol

The Micro Motion 5700 offers a wide range of protocols to choose from, so you can pick the best for your application. Moreover, it has already Ethernet built in! Great start!

On the other hand, the ROTAMASS has the standard option but lacks the new trends. What, no Ethernet? Emerson scores a point in this one.

Rotamass total insight & Micro Motion 57000
Courtesy of Emerson & Yokogawa

Configuration and diagnostics

The Micro Motion 5700 comes with the old meter verification, and not even as a standard function! If you want advanced verification on your device, you have to pay for the option. You’ll also need a handful of other extras like the AMS suite to read all the data and get reports from the device.

However, the 5700 has built-in USB input, which means you can save the configuration, read the report, or transfer a new configuration! The USB isn’t USB-C though. If the trend of USB-C keeps on going on laptops, you’ll end up needing a dongle. #Donglelife

On the Yokogawa side, the ROTAMASS Total Insight brings a new function to the table similar to the meter verification from Emerson. Too bad Yokogawa doesn’t have any documentation to tell us about it.

Just like the 5700 with its USB feature, the Total Insight also has a data transfer feature to save configurations and diagnostics. However, you’ll need a micro-SD card instead of a USB stick. Which means you’ll also need a dongle to read it on your laptop! #Donglelife for Yokogawa as well.

Rotamass total insight & Micro Motion 57000
Courtesy of Emerson & Yokogawa

Local display

This point is more a matter of preference than a big difference between the two options. You can see that Emerson invested a bit more in a new design, while Yokogawa kept the old version, but who cares?

Both meters offer an easy and natural setup. However, I still prefer the display from the 5700. As I said before, it won’t mean anything in terms of features, just pick whichever you find prettier.


Now we move to the most important point. Don’t forget that you’ll need to scale out each device with your specific process data, okay? You can find everything you need to know in the tech manuals, so dig them up!

For the 5700, it only encompasses the transmitter, so I picked the ELITE sensor for our comparison.

Accuracy of the Micro Motion ELITE

  • Liquid: 0.1% – 0.05%
  • Gas: 0.25% – 0.35%
  • Density: 0.0005 – 0.0002 g/cc

These numbers look good! But don’t forget to read the fine print for all the possibilities that may make your mileage vary.

Now, let’s move on to the ROTAMASS. I picked the Supreme because it has a nifty name! Just kidding, but I gotta tell ya, it’s not too far off.

Accuracy of the ROTAMASS Supreme

  • Liquid: +- 0.1%
  • Gas: +-0.5%
  • Density: +-0.0005 g/cc

I didn’t see the fine print on their documents, but you still need to scale out to see the real accuracy, based on your process specs, for both brands.

Final round

Both the ROTAMASS Total Insight and the Micro Motion 5700 are great device options. But remember that you need to vet them thoroughly for your process. The market has cheaper options too, you know.

I can’t stress this enough: Do not forget to scale out the devices with your application’s information to see the real performance of the devices.

So which meter should you choose? The answer is, as always, the one which works better for you and fits best your application. It doesn’t matter if these meters can cook eggs and bacon for you if you’re a vegetarian. In the same vein, if these meters don’t serve your needs, you may as well use them to decorate your Xmas tree!

Read the features, then compare both devices with your process and its needs. Have a look at the pricing. Only then choose the one that matches up best.

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