Emerson is a household name in the automation industry, while WIKA is an upstart that is growing rapidly. We compared their digital pressure gauges: the Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge and the WIKA CPG1500.

WIKA CPG1500 digital pressure gauge

This company blended old school with new rules to create a device that promises to make your job easier. So let’s see if it delivers.

WIKA CPG1500 specifications

The CPG1500 has a crisp display packing a sharp array of data and – yay! – local configuration. And it covers umpteen applications with its gauge, absolute, and vacuum versions but still pulls it off with accuracy and reliability. Now that’s what I call style.

image for WIKA CPG1500
Courtesy of Wika

Its digital display makes your range, pressure, and temperature crystal-clear, and you can set up with the push buttons on the front. Heck, you can even fiddle with the backlight too.

It has an easy-peasy install, just like any other digital manometer, and all kinds of process connections. But it only has 316 stainless steel for the wetted parts, which limits it a bit.

WIKA CPG1500 features

As mentioned earlier, the CPG1500 can measure gauge, absolute or vacuum pressure. And a plethora of ranges await, like zero to 100 bar with a gauge pressure sensor or 0 to 40 bar for an absolute sensor. But you can dig up more intel on these in the manual.

As for accuracy, you get up to 0.1 percent of full scale or up to 0.05 percent with the special version. Also, it can put up with operating temps from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. Finally, it has a right smart resolution, 4 to 5 ½ digits on the display, that you can adjust to your taste.

WIKA CPG1500 applications

The WIKA CPG1500 has excellent digital communication and efficient wireless range. Plus, it only needs three AA alkaline batteries for juice. We like buying industrial supplies from the local grocery! But it only offers 2000 to 2500 hours of life, which equals about 100 days. And since most competitors claim at least three years, that sucks. Of course, those devices need special batteries that cost a lot more than AAs. So six of one, half dozen of the other.

image of WIKA CPG1500
Courtesy of Wika

But the Bluetooth! The company calls it WIKA-Wireless, but it only works for setup. So close to an open protocol, yet still so far away. Well, at least the setup’s easy. And it has an internal memory that can record up to one million values. Naturally, you need the WIKI-Cal to read the data. One step forward, two steps back.

Fortunately, the myWIKA app and Wika-CAL software are cake and pie to use. The app likes to yap before setup, but if you tell it everything it wants to know, then you’re in!

Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge

Emerson has a lot of devices and solutions that deserve mention. So let’s welcome the Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge. It looks antique but packs a lot of hot tech. Let’s go see!

Rosemount WPG specifications

Sturdy yet budget-friendly, this device can take care of all kinds of pressure measurement. No fancy notions in view at first, just good old-fashioned reliability, click and tick.

image of Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge
Courtesy of Emerson

But although you have a traditional indicator instead of a digital LCD, it has LEDs to show data to your tech-type people. And it lets you connect through wirelessHART. Its easy installation makes monitoring cheaper too!

Rosemount WPG features

This device gives you a range up to 4000 psi with an accuracy of up to 0.5 percent of the span. Though it has little in the way of frills, it lets the user read all data remotely. This has benefits, like reduced maintenance and safety issues. Also, it has a handful of options for process connections and a nice list of approvals.

Rosemount WPG applications

In a nutshell, this device saves money, time, and legwork. It can quickly add wireless to your plant with no extra structure but still offer local visualizations.

The update time ranges from 1 to 60 minutes. Emerson claims the battery can last up to 10 years but doesn’t have this model on its power estimator, so that claim needs some verifying.

image for Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge
Courtesy of Emerson

Lastly, the gauge shows pressure in different colors, so you can judge it at a glance. Not perfect, but pretty solid, Emerson.

Table of comparison




Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge




cool display, easy setup traditional display, wireless integration




5½ digits, large matrix, bar graph; adjustable backlight; shows battery level, Bluetooth, and warnings easy-to-read analog; simple diagnostics in three colors; LED for battery status; warnings



Sensor and performance

up to 0.05 percent of accuracy; only 316 stainless steel for wetted parts range only goes to 275 bars; two types of wetted materials



Integration and battery

no direct integration; myWIKA app and WIKA-Cal can communicate; digital functions only cover local visualization; battery life 2000 to 2500 hours integration with wirelessHART but needs gateway in absence of wirelessHART network; easy to set up and diagnose remotely; battery life up to 10 years



General information and documentation

needs a more user- and mobile-friendly site; good blog, though easy website; convenient mobile version; tech docs clear



Though the WIKA CPG1500 makes a nice first impression, the Rosemount has great clarity and reliability. And if you don’t dig the analog aspect of the Rosemount and want a clean and sophisticated digital display, then the CPG1500 is for you.

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