Daily Thermetrics CatTracker Multipoint Temperature Assembly

We here in Visaya rarely get to see anything exciting in temperature measurement. But today we have what seems to be a fusion between a mythological beast and a state-of-the-art process automation instrument.

The Kraken Beast
Release the Kraken!

So release the Kraken! Sorry, release the CatTracker, a temperature multipoint assembly produced by Daily Thermetrics! Based in Houston, Texas, Daily Thermetrics stands out as a specialist in temperature measurement with more than 40 years of experience. But if you need more than temperature, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

If you’ve never encountered this beast before, you can read this detailed explanation of multipoint temperature assemblies.

In a nutshell

What we have here is one of the most robust and complex instruments produced for the oil and gas industry. The CatTracker monitors the temperature profiles of refining reactors, regenerators, and fractioning columns.

Daily Thermetrics Cattracker Multipoint
CatTracker junction box outside reactor (source Daily Thermetrics)

Daily Thermetrics boasts that CatTracker technology can push petrochemical units to their limits, increasing productivity, profitability, and catalyst life.

So how does it work, and where do I buy one?

The CatTracker provides 3D temperature profiling in petrochemical units without multiple connections or an array of long thermowells installed from the top of the reactor.

Temperature Profiling
Source Daily Thermetrics

Using robust mineral-insulated (MI) cable, you can set thermocouples all over the reactor bed. The MI cable allows the sensor direct contact with the process, plus it has enough flexibility to reach measuring points without extra structures.

The patented design of the CatTracker sensor has a single MI cable sheath with multiple measuring points throughout the cable, bypassing the need for a common sensing leg. This means that each sensor works independently and without interference from its mates in the sheath.

MI Cable Multipoint
Source Daily Thermetrics

Should the sheath fail, the product gases and fluids will affect the insulation and compromise the sensor signals. Therefore, MI cables are built with some of the most advanced metallic alloys available on the market. Also, the welding technology Daily Thermetrics uses reduces the probability of failure. But you never know; I’ve seen people using these cables as climbing supports during service activities. Yeah, safety what?

Catalytic reactions occur at temperatures around 450 degrees Celsius and pressures up to 200 bar. And these reactors contain nasty substances like explosive hydrogen and toxic sulfur.

So the CatTracker has a safety/containment chamber that can contain leaks if welds fail. This chamber’s design follows the ASME VIII directives and comes with UL and PED marking.

Safety Chamber
Source Daily Thermetrics

So far this looks like an awesome product, and I imagine you’re looking for the “Buy now” button. Not so fast, my friend. The number of configurations for this product will boggle your mind. Therefore, Daily Thermetrics offers support with design and product configuration.

Multipoint temperature assemblies are like good Italian suits. They do their best work only when correctly tailored to your exact needs.

OK, I got my CatTracker in the warehouse. What do I do now?

Imagine a lead instrumentation engineer named Bob. Bob gets a call from the warehouse. “Bob, we got a 30-meter-long box here with your name on it, and it looks like it has tentacles. Get it out of here, please.” So what does Bob do?

First, he takes a picture with his phone. Come on, how often do he see that, right? He also takes a few shots of the freaked-out warehouse crew for future reference. Then he uses the same phone to call Daily Thermetrics, because this product comes with a complete team of field and installation techs. They’ll perform the installation, on-site testing, and commissioning.

Installation Supervisor
Source Daily Thermetrics

Never buy a multipoint temperature assembly without an installation service! Trust me, you really want the full package here. The experts will get your reactor up and running by the time you finish nuking your calamari.

If you have some experience with one of these bad boys, leave a comment below or send a picture to hello@visayasolutions.com . I’d love to see the beast you have in your plant.

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