Gayesco-WIKA Flex-R Radial Multipoint Temperature Assembly

A short while back, we introduced multipoint temperature assemblies. In this review, we’ll showcase one of the most broadly used assemblies in the oil and gas industry.

In 2012, WIKA GmbH, a German company with more than 40 years of instrumentation experience, acquired Gayesco Engineering, which has produced temperature products and services since 1958. With this acquisition, Wika expanded its portfolio to include high-end temperature assemblies for petrochemical units. So today we’ll talk about the Gayesco-WIKA Flex-R Radial Multipoint Assembly.

If you’ve never heard of multipoint assemblies and missed our [previous article], you may want to go back and read it to understand the product we have here.

In a nutshell

The Flex-R has one of the most commercially proven designs in the industry, with technology that has existed and evolved since 1987. In fact, Gayesco was one of the first companies to introduce radial temperature measurement to the oil and gas industry. Due to the direct contact mineral-insulated (MI) cables thermocouples, the Flex-R is able to provide faster and more accurate measurement in catalyst applications.

Multipoint Temperature Assembly
Source: Wika

With the Flex R, petrochemical units can increase production and catalyst run times.

So how does it work and where do I buy one?

The Flex-R’s MI thermocouples can detect hot spots and avoid the flow channeling common with rigid temperature sensors. The density of the measurement points depends on the size of the process connection nozzle and thickness of the reactor lining.

Source: Wika

Flex-R’s independent sensors provide support redundancy as well. Even in the unlikely scenario that the sheath of the MI cable fails, you should only lose one measurement. It also includes a secondary chamber to contain leaks if the primary welds fail. Lots of backups here.


Containment Chamber
Source Wika

Flex-R has represented the standard for multipoint measurement for 30 years. For this reason, licensors and vessel builders around the world have developed reactors using Gayesco’s Flex-R technology as their reference.

If you need a multipoint temperature assembly, the good folks at Gayesco have all the experience needed to help you design your multipoint temperature assembly. On another hand, WIKA can supply all the accessories you may need, like temperature transmitters and pressure gauges. Sounds like a pretty good partnership.

Ok, I got my Flex-R in the warehouse. What do I do now?

After years of operation, your old hydrocracker needs an upgrade, and you decide to go with a new Flex-R. So now you’re staring at an assembly 30 meters long with cables snaking everywhere. You even see one headed for the vending machines. What now?

WIKA/Gayesco service team employee installing a Radial Tap

Fortunately for you, Gayesco-WIKA supplies a complete field supervision and commissioning team. Here they come to save the day! They’ll install and check all the instruments that your unit needs.

Never buy a multipoint temperature assembly without an installation service. Just don’t do it. I’m serious. Get the pros in and they’ll rescue your vending machines before the Flex-R eats the last bag of chips.

If you’ve ever met one of these critters, leave a comment below or send a picture to . I’d love to see the beast you have in your plant.

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