Beamex MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator

Beamex has made its mark in the calibration world, and today I’ll give my impressions of the Beamex MC6. As a mix of calibrator and communicator, the MC6 should give you everything you need in the field. Let’s take a look!

Although Beamex has a strong presence in calibration, many people don’t know about all the features on this device. They focus so much on the calibrator that they don’t even think about the communicator!

The videos on the YouTube channel offer good content but drag on for way too long. They feel more like training than promotion videos! Great for training, not so much for a quick overview. The Beamex marketing team also does great work with the content on both the official website and the blog.

But let’s review the pros and cons of the Beamex MC6.

Whatcha got there?

If you need a tool that can read, test, and calibrate different devices, then look no further than the Beamex MC6.

You can read volts, current, pressure, frequency, and more. You can also generate signals and simulate temperature sensors. And with the calibrator module, you can communicate with and calibrate pressure and temperature transmitters using the same tool!

Beamex MC6
Courtesy of Beamex

The data logger is a great extra feature to test devices and check process variables. I also really like the field configurator. It lets you communicate with PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART devices! Moreover, you can communicate and generate power using the same cable. This’ll eliminate time spent looking for a structure to test or calibrate a field device.

However, the MC6 takes a bit more effort to set up than other Handhelds on the market. Regardless, it’s a great option offering full access if you have the files on your field device installed.

What can it do?

What can’t you do with this thing? The dishes, maybe. Although the price reflects the versatility this device has, you know you want one tool that can do multiple activities by itself!

The calibration, generation, field communication, and data logging will cover more than 80 percent of your daily instrumentation tasks.

Beamex MC6
Courtesy of Beamex

It has a cool menu design with easy navigation, although sometimes it feels too simple for my taste. It also has a 5.7 inch touchscreen, which makes the weight at 1.5 kilograms suboptimal, but we can live with that!

The battery offer between 10 – 16 hours of life, which sounds good. It has an ingress protection of IP65, a warranty of three years and a battery warranty of one year. Killer points there!

Why should I care?

Yeah, you’ll spend more money buying the MC6, but look at it this way: How much would it cost to buy all the tools the MC6 can sub for separately?

The user interface on the communicator side could use some improvement, but you have access to all functions if you install the proper files. Yeah, you may log some time with the manual, but it’ll be worth it.

Remember, the MC6 makes a calibrator, but it can provide so much more.

Have a look at this great video showing how easy it is to connect HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices!

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