Product Review: Easytemp TMR31 compact thermometer

We’ve mentioned here at Visaya that you can measure temperature using different solutions and technology. You can connect a sensor directly into the control system, or you can use a field transmitter or even a multi-point transmitter.

Today, let’s review the Easytemp TMR31, a small thermometer from Endress+Hauser. You can find out where to use it, what kind of output it has, and other interesting things! So stick around, and let’s learn about the Easytemp TMR31 together.

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments. This content serves the purpose of providing information if you want a new device.

Whatcha got there?

This little device comes packed with possibility for your process. Usually, we comment on the design here, but the TMR31 doesn’t give us much to say, so we’ll skip it. Anyway, you’ll find it more relevant that it provides three ways to connect it to your control system, so pick the one that works best for you.

image for Easytemp TMR31
Image courtesy of Endress+Hauser

The Easytemp TMR31 can work in a handful of industries and applications. You can buy it with its measuring range already set and just plug it into your process. However, if you want to change some basic points, then you can use the ReadWin software and USB interface.

If you want to learn some of the ways to connect a temperature sensor to your control system, then open this article in a new tab and check it out later.  

What can it do?

First, the Easytemp TMR31 has a Pt100 to measure from -50 to 200 °C (-58 to 392 °F) in a maximum static pressure of 100 bar (1.450 psi) at 20 °C.

This device doesn’t need a thermowell and works great in pipes, so you can install it directly in your process. Furthermore, you can immerse it up to 600 mm (23.62 in). It also comes with a material protection tube of stainless steel. As for the process connection, it offers a long list of threads – G1/4, G1/2, NPT1/4, and more.

Why should I care?

The TMR31 has a solid price and tons of possibilities for measuring temperature in pipes. Plus, you can order it with analog or a four-wire Pt100 output.

It has Class A accuracy with a response of 50 times a second. It also comes with an assortment of approvals and a protection tube of either 4 or 6 mm (0.16 or 0.24 in).


If you need a thermometer for pipes, then the Easytemp TMR31 seems like a sound option. To compare this model with other brands, feel free to peruse the list on the right.

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