Ecometer from E-Sensorix, uses the ultrasonic principle for operation. If you want to know more about this principle, you can read our article on ultrasonic and laser level transmitters.

How is it?

The Ecometer has two parts, the transmitter and its display receiver. Compact in size, you can easily carry them out to the field to find a spot and install them. The transmitter measures 70 by 40 by 142 millimeters (mm) and its receiver 88 by 49 by 120 mm.

The transmitter has a sensor and an integrated antenna. But if your application requires a remote antenna, then you can get an optional 30-foot (9-meter) extension for a better wireless signal. Furthermore, the local graphical display can depict your level data in bar graphs.

The transmitter powers up with a CR2450 lithium battery. As usual, this battery’s lifetime will depend on your configuration. But the vendor claims two to three years in normal operating conditions.

On the receiver, you have a simple interface to set it all up. And the display powers up with an external power supply of 150-240 volts of alternating current. Best of all, you can easily install it on your desk to monitor the level of your tank.

Now, this device monitors levels for standalone processes. That means it won’t readily connect to a control system.

What can it do?

The EcoMeter can measure products such as heating oil or diesel and has a maximum range of three meters in tanks up to 19,999 liters.

Furthermore, it can handle -10 to 60 degrees Celsius and has a protection rating of IP67. It offers an accuracy of +-20 cm for a measuring range from 12 cm to three meters, pretty good for a low-budget option on the market.

The display can handle 0 to 50 degrees Celsius and its protection level is IP44, so indoor installation only. Beyond that, you can get volume and percent data as well as days-to-empty forecasts. Based on consumption data, this forecast can tell you how long you have before you empty your tank.

Why should I care?

Because this device, with its wireless range of 150 meters, sports a price better than many similar alternatives. Of course, if you want a field device to integrate into your control system, then skip this one. You need to remember the Ecometer acts as a standalone monitor to check your level information.

image of Ecometer level sensor and monitoring system
Courtesy of E-Sensorix

Still, the wireless communication simplifies a lot. You don’t need to fuss with structure or cables, and it installs faster than a wired device. However, it could use some beefing up, maybe an open protocol to bring the Ecometer into other networks and vice versa.

As for process connections, you get two inch, one and a quarter, and one and a half threaded openings. And for reports, you can get daily, weekly, monthly, or annual cost and usage reports.


The EcoMeter offers solid features and a good user interface at a reasonable price. On the downside, its standalone nature and potentially limited range may hamper you. So you’ll need to review your specs to find a good fit. If you want to see other options, then you’ll find similar devices on the right to compare with the Ecometer.

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