Firstly, let’s look at the device design. The EcoMeter P has two parts, the remote display where you can set up your process data, and the sensor to measure and send all the data wirelessly for this display. Here, the EcoMeter P resembles the EcoMeter S very closely.

image of EcoMeter P from E-Sensorix
Courtesy of E-Sensorix

When we check the sensor itself, we see it has a wireless transmitter integrated, but you can install the sensor remotely up to 10 meters away (optional antenna extension). The big difference between the S and the P revolves around the power supply. This model needs an external supply. The monitor has an internal battery, but only for emergencies.

The two models have the same remote indicator, so you can do pretty much the same things on both. The interface and set up process look simple and easy enough that you can do them without the manual.

What can it do?

The P, as an ultrasonic level transmitter, can work in various tanks, such as plastic, steel, concrete, and others. It has a limited measurement range, but it may still help certain folks.  It can measure from 0.5 to 3 meters and a maximum volume of 19,999 liters.

While the model S updates every 30 minutes, the model P updates every 15 seconds. Of course, this large discrepancy stems from battery versus external power between the S and the P. Makes sense if you think about it. You can also quickly set u all your level data and get excellent visuals from the display, so those details help tremendously.

Why should I care?

Because it gets the job done without a lot of spend. On top of that, it has a nice, direct interface between the sensor and its monitor, no manual required. On the off chance you run into an issue, by all means open the manual and start your troubleshooting there. But if you can’t find an answer, then you’re welcome to ask us as well.

image of EcoMeter P from E-Sensorix
Courtesy of E-Sensorix


But back to the device. You can get up to 150 meters between the sensor and the monitor, which is a good range. It also gives you level alerts as well as process data.


If you need a budget device offering little more than the measurement, then the EcoMeter P may work for you. On the downside, you can’t integrate it in any control systems to draw your data. Really, it works best in standalone applications.

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