We have EcoMeter S, a level transmitter with a remote display, from E-Sensorix. Let’s take a look and try to uncover the pros and cons of this device. Stick with me and we’ll find out together!

How is it?

First off, let’s talk about the device’s design. The S boils down to a sensor+wireless module and a remote display. E-Sensorix managed to squish these components into a compact device with a different design from most devices out there.

EcoMeter S Ultrasonic water cistern level sensor with separate digital display

The configuration looks basic, but first, you need to pair the sensor with the display. Just select “learning more” on the monitor, and then put the sensor next to it. Wait a bit, and it’s done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The display has an easy local setup, too. First you input one of three formats for the tank. Then you add the tank volume, height, and cost per liter. Finally, turn on the alarm. And now that’s done too! The display will show you the room temperature, a bar graph of the liquid level, and the full capacity in liters or percentages.

What can it do?

The EcoMeter S measures level using the ultrasonic working principle called time of flight. It mainly measures level in barrels, water tanks, and cisterns up to 19,999 liters in volume and three meters in height.

The sensor and the display communicate wirelessly, so they have to be within 150 meters of each other. Keep in mind, this device doesn’t have an output from the display to the control system. But if you need simple level monitoring, then the S can fit perfectly.

image of EcoMeter S from E-Sensorix
Courtesy of E-Sensorix

The device defaults to an update rate of 30 minutes. If you want a faster update, then you need to set it in the fast mode, where the update happens when the level changes three centimeters per minute.

You can go integrated or external with the sensor . However, your application may prefer external for a better signal (optional external antenna). This external installation needs an extra cable up to nine meters long. Still, you can easily install the wireless module in a better place to get a good signal far from the sensor.

Why should I care?

Despite its simplicity, the EcoMeter S can fit in a nice variety of processes. No, you can’t integrate the device in a control system because it has a limited range and no output signal. But it gives you a lot of data and a super-simple configuration.

image of EcoMeter S from E-Sensorix
Courtesy of E-Sensorix

The sensor has a bar graph, to show the level in the field, and error icons. It powers up using batteries that should give you up to 2 years. Fast mode may affect that lifespan, though.

Finally, it has an accuracy of +-2 centimeters from 12 centimeters to three meters. For a low-budget device, that’s decent, and the vendor claims it has a better accuracy than similar solutions on the market.


In general, you have a low-budget but outstanding device here. Its accuracy and easy user interface make it appealing. But you need to check your application to see if you can handle going remote without any integration. Over there on the right, you can find similar devices, if you want to do some comparison shopping.

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