Hello hello! How’s it going? Time for a new product review, this time for the Endress+Hauser Deltabar S PMD75!

The industry sees Endress + Hauser more as an instrumentation provider than a solution provider, although it offers both. Regardless, the company gets high marks in flow and level measurement discussions. Therefore, you have a fairly good idea how this review will go, but let’s keep our minds open, okay?

So let’s dig in and review a pressure transmitter from Endress+Hauser. Say hi to the Deltabar PMD75! We’ll weigh the pros and cons so you can consider it for your application.

Take a seat, grab a Fritz-Kola, and draw your conclusions!

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Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Endress + Hauser Deltabar S PMD75 specifications

For your first challenge, you must find the Deltabar PMD75 page on the Endress+Hauser site. Once you do, you find a traditional differential pressure (DP) transmitter, nothing fancy at first glance.

This device allows you to set up with the display or through external push buttons. Beyond that, you can set it up using your field communicator or even externally if you have a digital protocol. Nice to have options.

Speaking of which, the PMD75 has options like a top display, mounted diaphragm seal, capillary diaphragm seal, and hygienic approvals. However, when I checked on these features in the technical information, I found entirely different models for the diaphragm seals, which complicates things a little.

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How so? Well, most vendors have only one model, with different seals as options. From the marketing point of view, one model gives you more brand awareness than two or three models of the same device with different accessories.

You have a broad range of applications for the PMD75 in flow, level, and differential pressure measurement. But if you want mounted diaphragm seals or capillary action in your application, you’ll need to switch to an FMD77 or FMD78. So technically this review involves the PMD75, FMD77, and FMD78. See what I mean? We’ll keep using “PMD75” to refer to the family for now.

Endress + Hauser Deltabar S PMD75 features

This transmitter has excellent accuracy, with up to +-0.035 percent and an option of up to +-0.025 percent. Great, huh?

On the seal side, the FMD77 and 78 have up to +-0.075 percent accuracy. It sounds a little disappointing, but for most applications, that’ll do. You can also install the transmitter away from the sensor using different cable lengths, like 2, 5, or 10 meters.

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The PMD75 works with a piezoresistive sensor and welded metallic membrane. You have a broad range of membrane materials to cover many applications. You also get an excellent measuring range on the PMD75, from -10 to +10 millibars or from -40 to +40 bar, and a high-pressure version if necessary. The FMDs differ in range, but let’s not clutter up the review too much. If you really need one of those, you can find the ranges in the manual.

Why should I care?

Because Endress+Hauser puts together some decent devices, and I’m sure the PMD75 will fit a broad range of applications and segments. The DP transmitter has a huge list of approvals, from chemical to hygienic applications. You just need to remember the model you want. Just kidding!

The PMD75 offers pretty good integration too. It has analog, HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and PROFIBUS PA. You can find an option for your control system, although if you want a wireless solution, then keep looking.

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Back on the plus side, Deltabar S features the TempC membrane for diaphragm seal, a patented temperature compensation solution guaranteed to deliver the highest accuracy. It also has the histoROM data module, where you can easily manage the process and device parameters. If you have a problem with the electronics, you can swap them out, saving all parameters on the HistoROM data module, which in turn saves time in maintenance. Yay!

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Find and buy the right differential pressure transmitter for your application

Bottom line – you’ll get a pretty good device, as long as you pick the right one for your process.

Below you have a video for TempC Membrane technology:

If you still have questions about the Endress + Hauser Deltabar S PMD75, feel free to contact our experts.

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