FCI ST100 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Hey, I’m back and ready to talk about ST 100 thermal mass flow meters! Yup, we’re gonna review a nice product from a company with some expertise in this arena.

So say hello to our new guest in the product review weekly series, the FCI ST100 from Fluid Components International! Take a seat, have a read, and draw your conclusions!

Whatcha got there?

The FCI ST100 flow meter series will fit a bunch of applications. You could say that FCI ST100 is almost a Neymar of thermal flow meters, it’s that good! Neymar is a football (soccer to you Americans) god, for those in our audience who don’t watch the best sport in the world. You have my sympathy.

Courtesy of FCI – Fluid Components International LLC

Anyway, the ST100 has a ton of features, and I’m sure you’ll like enough of them at least give it a shot. For instance, if you like seamless integration, SIL compliance, and on-board data loggers, then you’ll like the ST100.

It has a great display, too. You can have your most important data up without needing to swap things around. However, the optical touch buttons seem kinda strange, which may warp your experience if you don’t get the hang of them.

What can it do?

You have a huge list of different gases that the ST100 can measure effortlessly. The basic ST100 can do flow and temperature. But if you want something else, then FCI offers several other models for pressure, dual-element, and much more.

With its simplified integration, the ST100 also allows a variety of digital and analog protocols: HART, PROFIBUS PA, Foundation Fieldbus H1, 4-20 mA and frequency or pulse output. Me, I’m a big fan of the data logger. A lot of flow meters on the market force you to buy a separate data logger, and here you have two in one! Come on!

The new ST100 may not level mountains, and luckily does not induce lightning but it measures flow and has an easier name to remember (wait, does it?) – Courtesy of FCI – Fluid Components International LLC

Depending on the conditions and characteristics of your gas, you may need to check the compatibility of flow element material. As for size, the ST100 fits pipes 2 1/2 inches and larger. It also has a micro-SD with 2GB capacity, which means you can store around 21 million readings. Yeah, you read that right. Most brands won’t tell you their capacities, but FCI preaches it!

Why should I care?

Because the ST100 is kind of amazing? You get a ton of features in one meter? Of course, maybe you don’t need all that. If so, then definitely save your money and buy a simpler device. But I want this one.

Thermal ST100
Courtesy of FCI – Fluid Components International LLC

Oh, by the way, it also has USB ports and Ethernet communication, which brings it to another level entirely. This functionality can make your life so much easier! For a price, naturally.

So yeah, the ST100 Series from FCI owns the field in a bunch of gas applications. Frankly, I half-expected the sales crew to say that it talks too, and you can bet it won’t be long before it does. Echo, meet Estee!

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