Product Review: Finetek EAX ultrasonic level transmitter

Guess what? Today, I’m here to review another level device! Yes, you’ll get the chance to learn more about another possibility on the market. We already have a bunch on Visaya, from differential pressure devices to 3D level scanners, but the market has much more.

The EAX from Finetek, a sort of low-budget device, might assist you in liquid level measurement. So let’s find out if it has fancy features or a shot at playing with the big dogs.

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments. This content serves the purpose of providing information if you want a new device.

Whatcha got there?

First off, Finetek has an okay site, but to access more information, you have to sign up. Why? Sure, we all want people to sign up, but forcing them to do it? I don’t get it.

On the upside, you won’t need much info on the EAX. Its simple, conventional design and minimal details make it pretty easy to learn on your own.

image of EAX
Courtesy of Finetek

You can set it up using the local display. Its four push buttons let you access the entire menu tree and review the process variable. You won’t get much more than that, but as I said, simple. For instance, if you need a remote display, you have to get an external solution to read the HART or analog signal.

Speaking of which, those two are your only protocol options here. As a low-budget device, it makes sense that it brings the usual protocols to integrate it into the control system.

What can it do?

The EAX from Finetek works based on the time-of-flight concept. If you don’t know how that works, I invite you to read our article on ultrasonic and laser level transmitters. It operates in the frequency of 50 kilohertz, and its application focuses on liquids.

You can pick two measuring ranges, either 8 or 12 meters. The 8-meter version works in temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, and the 12-meter one from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, you get a blank distance here of 250 millimeters. By blank distance I mean that the device can only measure after this distance. Furthermore, it has a resolution of a single millimeter, and the electronic accuracy is +- 0.25 percent of the maximum range.

If you want a more accurate device, the crew at Finetek have a long list of different principles for level measurement. You can also find some suggestions on the right side of this article in our device directory page.

Why should I care?

Let’s highlight some points that you may want to consider for your application. First, you get a standard housing material of powder-coated aluminum and a transducer in PVDF.  If you need a different material, you should ask the sales rep or consider switching to another model.

Next, the EAX can handle level, volume, or object distance measurement. In the technical document, you can find more information on the installation and limitations of the device. And it has a beam angle of 7 degrees, which you’ll need to remember when you scale it out.


image of Finetek EAX ultrasonic level transmitter
Courtes of Finetek

Last but not least, Finetek says that the device also has false echo detection and internal temperature compensation. I didn’t find anything more about that in the technical documentation. Maybe you can find it after you sign up, but I won’t sign up just for that. But leave a comment below if you already have it in your plant. We’d love to know how it works in the real world.


All in all, the EAX from Finetek comes across as a standard ultrasonic level transmitter. And you get some good features here for the price. If you want to compare it to some other standard devices on the market, you can check our device page over there. ->

I tried to find a video with additional or relevant information, but I failed. So I looked for the next best thing. Hey, it’s ultrasonic! In a manner of speaking. Anyway, have a video from last year’s Warped Tour! Guess where I’ll be this summer? 😉


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