Product Review: Endress+Hauser Liquiline M CM42

Do you have an analytical transmitter in your plant? Sure, you have a couple of them, right? Depending on the company, you may have a crew just for your analytical devices, so not everyone has a chance to learn more about them. We already reviewed two that take a variety of sensors and offer a variety of features. This review is more of the same! Or is it?

Today’s product comes from a consistent player on the market in the arenas of liquid analysis, gas analysis, and lab solutions. Can you guess? Yup, we have Endress+Hauser in the house!

So let’s bring in the Liquiline M CM42, a fairly basic analytical device that still has some tricks up its sleeve! In its housing? Whatever. Let’s dig in!

Grab an apple, take a seat, have a read, and draw your conclusions!

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Whatcha got there?

The Liquiline M CM42 has a design similar other analytical transmitters in the same level because why reinvent the wheel? You can keep the same design and change small details, like the display.

Its display has a different format from the others, but you can still follow the process variable easily, and it has a backlight. We like those. You can also set it up locally with its softkey and navigator functions. The navigator gives you a button to scroll through the settings, which I like  because it lets you scan the menus faster.

The CM42 comes in two housing materials with two different but still compact sizes, plastic at 144 x 144 x 159 millimeters and stainless steel at 174 x 174 x 145 millimeters. Of course, it has two different weights too, the plastic version at 1.5 kilograms and the steel at 2.1 kilograms. The weights fall in the same range as its competitors, so we’re good here.

Housing CM42
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

As for process measurement, the device can measure pH/oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), oxygen, and conductivity. But it only has one channel. Maybe. What does that mean? Frankly, I’m not sure. The title of the device says one channel, but the spec sheet says the input can have one- or two-channel transmitters, with one as a reference connection. Then when you click to configure the order code, you have only one channel. I don’t get it! Let’s stick to one channel for now until someone clears it up for us.

What can it do?

As a multi-parameter analytical field transmitter, you can read oxygen, pH/ORP, and conductivity with just this device. You can also use it in different segments, even hazardous areas, without issue. It has an extensive list of approvals as well, such as IECEX, ATEX, FM, and others. Plus it offers IP66 and IP67 housings. Pretty good, right?

For system integration, the CM42 has the necessary options – analog, HART, Foundation Fieldbus (FF), and PROFIBUS PA (PB). If you have a digital protocol, then you can set up your devices remotely and get most of your data online.

Why should I care?

Good question. First, it offers a good user experience in setup compared to its competitors. Yeah, maybe a touchscreen could bring the device to another level, but the softkey and navigator functions work great and cost less than touchscreen solutions.

It supports analog and digital sensors, like many other transmitters, but some other transmitters get all proprietary about their sensors. The CM42, on the other hand, supports Memosens, an open digital technology. Yes yes, Endress+Hauser developed this technology, but the company released it to roam free! Today many brands can use Memosens, and that gives you a wider range of possibilities than those proprietary nudniks.

Memosens CM42
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Beyond that, the CM42 has a graphic display with great options to help you get more of the data you want onscreen. And the modular concept of the device means that maintenance goes so much faster. Just plug and play!


I think that about covers everything you need to know about the Liquiline M CM42. If it sounds like a good option for your new application, then scale it out and check the price. Good luck, and if you get it, then tell us about it!

This video should give you the Liquiline M CM42 in a nutshell:

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