Product Review: Liquipoint FTW23 from Endress+Hauser

Like the Nivector FTI26 we just reviewed, the Liquipoint FTW23 from Endress+Hauser specifically aims to assist the food industry. However, instead of powdered and fine-grained solids, this device focuses on water-based liquids. So stick with me to learn more about whether this device will work for you.

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments. This content serves the purpose of providing information if you want a new device.

Whatcha got there?

The Liquipoint FTW23 also has a compact and hygienic design to operate in all types of food processes, and it also uses the capacitance working principle. (If you haven’t read our articles explaining capacitance yet, they’re over here.)

And like the FTI26, it too uses red, yellow, and green LEDs to warn you of contact with the product or an issue with the sensor. These two products have a ton of similarities, yes.

Liquipoint FTW23 Capacitive Point level switch for water-based liquids
From €140.00

What can it do?

Here we have a few small differences. This switch detects water-based liquids, so you can install it in tanks and pipes. Instead of 12 to 30 volts, it uses 10 to 30 volts for power and communication, although it uses a three-wire PNP cable just like the FTI26.

The FTW23 handles temperatures from -20 to 100 °C, although during cleaning it can manage 135 °C for one hour. It also can withstand pressures from -1 to 16 bar absolute (-14.5 to 232 psi). Its threaded connection comes in stainless steel with an adapter, G 1/2, and others. However, if necessary you can get a special version. And as always, you can find more details on over here.

Why should I care?

Because it too provides a digital way to connect your level detection to your control system, the IO-Link output. (Our article on IO-Link, in case you forgot to read it earlier.) You’ll want to check out this option, as it has become much more popular in the food industries.

And for your needs, the FTW23 has different wetted materials, certifications, and hygienic approvals, offering cost benefits for many applications.


If you need level detection in water-based liquids, especially in the food industry, then check out the Liquipoint FTW23 from Endress+Hauser. It may give you just what you need. But before you hit that “buy” button, you may want to review the other options on the market. So take a look at our device list and see which will work best in your process.

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