Product Review: Magnetrol Digital E3 Modulevel

You have a ton of tech for level measurement, especially in the new non-contact, high-accuracy devices. But all level solutions need one factor or another to measure correctly.

Most vendors consider displacers outdated technology; radar tech has done a lot to supplant them. However, displacers are very flexible and can measure interface and density as well as level. Of course, as with all principles, you have pros and cons.

Today, the folks from Magnetrol come again to Visaya’s product review with a new product! The Digital E3 Modulevel level displacer transmitter can work in many industries and applications. Let’s dive into the features and find out how this device will support you in a new application.

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Whatcha got there?

The Digital E3 Modulevel has a similar housing and design concept as most other Magnetrol devices. Before you roll your eyes, keep in mind that the same housing for different applications helps vendors save time and money on certification. Then they can use those savings to improve their devices on the inside instead of the outside! Right?

The housing has two parts, one for cable connections and the other for the local display and electronic module. If you get the remote version, then it’ll have a third section below the screen for the connection between the sensor and the transmitter.

To set up the device locally, you have to open the front to access the display and the up, down, and enter buttons. The screen has an eight-character, two-line LCD, simple but usable. The navigation looks easy, but you could set up faster with a handheld instead of this display.

Display Digital E3 Modulevel
Courtesy of Magnetrol

The device can integrate into your system with analog, HART, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF). No native PROFIBUS here. As a loop-powered device, it can juice up with 11 to 36 volts of direct current on HART and 9 to 32 on FF. The HART version also has 6.x and ITK 5.0 interoperability.

The housing comes with aluminum A356-T6 (less than 0.20 percent copper) as standard and 316 stainless steel as optional. You can also get the chamber in two materials, carbon steel or 316/316L stainless steel. Its wetted parts come in 316/316L and the spring in Inconel.

What can it do?

It may fall short of the new radar devices, but you can use the Digital E3 Modulevel in liquids, slurries, heavy acids, and more. This transmitter will measure level, liquid/liquid interface, and density control.

As for ranges, it’ll measure from 356 to 3948 millimeters and withstand temps from – 29 to 454 degrees Celsius and pressure up to 355 bar at 38 degrees Celsius. You can also get a version for steam applications with similar specs. It doesn’t have many wetted-part options, but ask a sales rep to check compatibility for your process.

If you need to install the device on top of the tank, then you have ANSI flanges in three, four, and six inches. If you have a chambered installation, then you can get one-and-a-half-inch or two-inch NPT, socket weld, or ANSI flanges.

Digital E3 Modulevel
Courtesy of Magnetrol

Remember that you have pressure ratings, process connections, spring ranges, and other factors to consider. I didn’t find any online software to guide you, but the website has suggestions for the right instrument for your application. If you feel out of your depth, then get support from a sales engineer.

Why should I care?

The Digital E3 Modulevel is flexible enough to handle several industries and applications, despite its outdated tech. You’ll have to compare it to the new devices before you can decide which will suit your process best.

It comes with explosion-proof, non-incendiary, and intrinsically safe certifications from CSA, FM, ATEX, and IEC as well as Type 4x and IP66 ratings. So you can apply this device in hazardous and harsh environments without any problem.

This device also has multiple options for process connections. And you  can install it locally, with the display or a handheld, or remotely. But wait! There’s more! It comes with a bonus SIL 2 rating with a 92.3-percent safety failure fraction (SFF). Magnetrol claims it as the highest SFF in displacers on the market.


If you can work with old-school tech, then the Digital E3 Modulevel provides good flexibility to level, interface, and density measurement. The device lacks PROFIBUS and advanced diagnostic but offers cost benefits to balance.

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