Product Review: Proline Promass I 300

I saw an interesting discussion on a LinkedIn post. The post talked about a new kind of sensor shape for a Coriolis flow meter. One of the commenters said that this company copied his company’s sensor design. I have to wonder.

First, it’s hard to find an original idea or product. Nearly everything combines good ideas or products that already exist. Second, it’s funny how people defend their companies in public. I work with two different brands myself. I enjoy it because it broadens my perspective. But people cram social media full of such comments, especially if you post something against a popular point of view or give an honest opinion about a product or brand. Quite interesting!

But we’re here to discuss Coriolis flow meters, right? And to close the month on a high level, I’m bringing two big companies to the ring!

The gang from Endress+Hauser has arrived with another device for review! Last time we checked out the two-wire Promass F 200. Now let’s find the pros and cons of the Promass I 300, with its new transmitter and everything! This premium device offers all kinds of features and benefits, so let’s see if any can help you.

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Whatcha got there?

Unboxing the pretty new device from Endress+Hauser gave us a good feeling! E+H does a great job in the brand recognition department with its colors and designs. The Promass I 300 reminds you of the other models in the line, a good note for unity. You have a four-line local graphic display with a white backlight. If the device detects a problem, then the color switches to red to alert you. Beyond that, the display has local setup configuration buttons, and you can choose extra fancy options, such as WLAN configuration or a remote version. How about that!

Proline Promass 300
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

We had an article earlier about one of Endress+Hauser’s forays into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This device does a good job of addressing IIoT and Industry 4.0 issues with its HART over analog, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF), and Modbus RS485. You can see the future in these options, but it still doesn’t have WirelessHART, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, or PROFIBUS DP. This company may expand to these options later, but we’ll have to wait to see whether that promise turns into reality.

Promass I 300
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Anyway, you have other options such as pulse, status, and frequency. I really dig the function that lets you set up the output for your needs. You can find this feature in other new transmitters, but that doesn’t make it less useful here, right?

The measuring tube has a limited size range, from three-eighths to three inches. But as a premium device, you’ll probably only want it for particular applications. You can also get a full-body option, focused on providing less pressure drop in your application.

What can it do?

The PROMASS I 300 can measure mass flow, density, and temperature, of course. But it also measures viscosity! New territory in the Coriolis world! And the data this device provides can help you calculate other values like volume flow, concentration, and reference density. Lots of info! Maybe too much? You tell me.

Endress+Hauser Promass I 300
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Okay, but what about the accuracy? For liquid measurement, you get +-0.10 percent on mass and volume flow, +-0.0005 grams per cubic centimeter for density, and +-0.5 percent in gas flow measurement. As for the viscosity …

For some reason, E+H hid the data on the star feature of this meter. I looked for more than 10 minutes, then sent a message to my tech friend in Brazil and a marketing manager. Finally, I found a document only for viscosity – 45 minutes later! Not kidding. Why didn’t E+H include it with the other info? Anyway, Newtonian liquids read around +-5 percent with a repeatability of +-0.5 percent.

The sensor also offers a temperature range from -50 t0 150 degrees Celsius and a maximum process pressure of Class 600. Last but not least, the measuring tube comes in grade 9 titanium with the connection in grade 2 titanium.

Why should I care?

Because of viscosity measurement! Endress+Hauser developed its Torsion Mode Balanced (TMB) system™ because viscosity can indicate the quality of the process. Beyond that, this device offers strong accuracy and excellent repeatability. You have other ways to measure viscosity, but you won’t find the same feature in other Coriolis flow meters – yet.

Endress+Hauser Promass I 300
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Another good feature is the WLAN communication, where you can use your tablet, phone, or laptop to connect to the device. The transmitter has a web server built in, so through the WLAN or Ethernet, you can set this meter up easily! I like this function.

Last but not least, it has E+H’s Heartbeat Technology, where you can monitor its health. In the Visaya Q&A section, you’ll find a post where I explain it more, if you want to read that. Heartbeat Technology can add value to your instrumentation by preventing future problems and unscheduled downtime and by extending the time between calibrations.


The Promass I 300 is a premium Coriolis mass flow meter with vast measuring options. If you want a top-of-the-line product, you’d make a pretty good choice with this one. Of course, your choice depends largely on whether it’ll fit in your process, doesn’t it? Gotta do that scale out!

This video has more on the new generation of Coriolis flow meter from Endress+Hauser:

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