ROTAMASS Total Insight

Yokogawa is launching a new Coriolis series, and we’re here to take a look and tell you what we think. Enjoy the read and draw your own conclusions about ROTAMASS Total Insight!

Rotamass total insight
ROTAMASS Total Insight Multi-Tier Series of Coriolis Flow Meters – Courtesy of Yokogawa

Whatcha got there?

The ROTAMASS Total Insight is the newest line of Coriolis meters from Yokogawa. After years of the same old model, they’ve finally put out a product with some new technology built in!

The new ROTAMASS comes with a lot of promises and features for us to check out. You probably don’t need everything they offer, but hey. Great to have options, right?

So the line has six devices, each applying to different segments and applications. I like the names. The marketing team went over the top, but I love it! On the other hand, the names won’t help you, will they? Let’s see what will!

What can it do?

This line has a ton of features, so you can probably find whatever you need for your application. For instance, it has data mobility. With a micro-SD card, you can transfer data from your meter to your laptop to analyze the results.

It also has the “Tube Health Check” function, which can help you avoid unplanned downtime and increase the life of your meter. Of course, they should’ve had that feature out earlier! There is not enough information online as well!

On the other hand, it looks like they pulled out the built-in Ethernet protocol, which sucks. Yeah, digital is the hot new thing, but it’s not the savior of the instrumentation world!

Why should I care?

Good question. A device from the Total Insight line might help on your next application. Of course, as always, you need to decide if the features are worth the price! Moreover, don’t forget to check the type of tube material before you choose your flow meter, as that counts too.

If you just need a simple device, then the Essential will probably work best for you. If you want something great, go for the ULTIMATE! You’ll get more features than you can find on your iPhone! In my not so humble opinion, of course.

In either case, you can have a nice flow meter with good features to improve your plant asset management. Sounds like a win to me!


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