Howdy! This week we have a Coriolis flow meter that you may have never heard of! No big deal, the company is relatively new on the flow meter market. But it comes with a lot of experience, more than 30 years!

So say hi to the TRICOR TCE 8000! We’ll check out the features on the transmitter combined with the different sensor options. If you’ve kept up with our reviews, you know what comes next: Take a seat, have a read and draw your conclusions!

Full disclosure: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Whatcha got there?

The TRICOR crew brings us a traditional solution for flow measurement. No fancy Coriolis here. That may work for you, though. Maybe it doesn’t have the bells and whistles you get from other vendors, but maybe you don’t need them. So keep an open mind!

Features aside, TRICOR does offer a robust, accurate, and best of all, flexible flow meter. You can use it in a lot of different processes and segments, so I’m sure you can find something useful.

Courtesy of TRICOR Flow

The TCE 8000 family of advanced transmitters can read data from all kinds of TRICOR sensors. Sadly, the technical files don’t make clear the difference between the 8000 and 8100. I came to a conclusion, but I’ll keep it to myself to avoid misunderstandings.

Although that does bring up another point. TRICOR needs to improve its documentation. The tech files should make this kind of information easy to understand.

I don’t want to contact a sales rep just to ask a basic question like that.

What can it do?

The TCE 8000 transmits flow rate, total flow, density, or temperature. Sure, it doesn’t bring a ton of innovative features with it, but it does give you the data you need for your process.

You can set up the device through the display, but it’s not a touchscreen. You open the housing to access the push buttons. TRICOR, you need to optimize your field setup! The Youtube tutorials help, though.

They show you how easy it is to set up the transmitter and how simple the display is. However, I gotta tell you, you’ll spend more time setting up with the display than through a HART communicator.

Courtesy of TRICOR Flow

Seamless integration comes guaranteed with the basic and most common protocols. You have HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus RTU, and the analog output and digital inputs. But the website lacks downloadable files for HART and FF. Why? You should also see the note on the protocol options in the TRICOR documents. It says “other options on request.”

What exactly does that mean? Can you do all protocols this easily?

If you want, you can configure the TCE 8000 through their Windows-based configurator program. I’d go with the HART communication, but that’s just my opinion.

I had trouble finding the device description (DD) too. You read the HART document just to find out that you need to contact some other company to get the DD file. Again, why? We can host the files for y’all. Just sayin’. 😉

No matter which sensor you pick, it’ll provide the same level of accuracy for liquids, +-0.1 percent, and gas, +-0.5 percent. It gives a density accuracy of +-0.001 grams per cubic centimeter, and you can request a special calibration. The sensors mainly differ in flow range and small things.

Why should I care?

Yes, the TCE 8000 is a simple flow meter, but that’s a good thing! It can give you relevant data on your process for a lower price point than most  other flow meters. On the minus side, in digitalization it lags behind the others.

You won’t have advanced diagnostics or a way to print reports, through a web server, for example.

Courtesy of TRICOR Flow

On the other hand, the TCE 8000 has the Net Oil software. Heard of it? Basically, the meter can determine the ratio of oil to water in your fluid. You won’t find this feature in most of Coriolis meters. Neat, huh?

If you never heard of this brand before, you now have a good reason to check it out. TRICOR doesn’t have an online tool to scale out flow meters for your process, but you can find out more from the link below.

I had a problem finding a good video, so this is my visual contribution for you guys!

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