Product Review: VEGASON 63

Here we are again, sniffing out more ultrasonic level transmitters! Last week, we reviewed one from ABB. If you missed it, you can read it here before we move forward.

Y’all know I consider radars better than standard ultrasonics, but that doesn’t make ultrasonics completely obsolete yet. Today’s product comes from VEGA, a company that offers both low-cost radars and ultrasonics. You can read the review of the VEGAPULS WL S 61 and the VEGAPULS WL 61 to compare.

And now for today’s device! Let’s take a look at the VEGASON 63 and learn where to fit it into a new application. Stick with me and let’s learn more about this level transmitter!

Disclaimer: This product review examines only features, not performance. If you’ve used this device, feel free to share your experience in the comments. This content serves the purpose of providing information if you want a new device.

Whatcha got there?

Visually, VEGA’s devices vary very little. They keep the same housing and design, so if you’ve used one, then you’ve used them all.

The compact 63 comes in three types of housing – plastic PBT, aluminum, and 316L stainless steel. And you can get these housings in single or double chamber.

image of VEGASON 63
Courtesy of Vega

You probably already know that VEGA gives good interface; you can set up the device locally, using the display. That same display will show you all you need to know regarding the device itself.

Furthermore, the display brings Bluetooth with it. This feature allows you to set up using the VEGA Tools app for Android and iOS. With the simple configuration and the decent user interface, setting up with your phone feels easier than using a random handheld.

What can it do?

The VEGASON 63 can measure up to 15 meters in liquids and bulk solids. If you’ve ever installed an ultrasonic, you know that the setup and installation are pretty basic.

The documentation gives you criteria to figure out which model suits your application best. If you don’t like the 63, then maybe give the 61 or 62 a try. They work great for flow measurement in aggressive products, threaded fittings, or hygienic applications.

image of VEGASON 63
Courtesy of Vega

The 63 has an accuracy of +- 10 mm, which works for plenty of processes. Of course, you can get more accuracy from a radar, but maybe you don’t need that.  Anyway, it can handle -40 to 80 degrees Celsius and pressures from -0.2 to 1 bar.

As for integration, we have a pleasant surprise here. The VEGASON 63 will make your life easy with FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, HART, and analog protocols.

Why should I care?

The VEGASON 63 has a good measuring range and a bunch of features for a reasonable cost. It also offers different protection ratings, seal materials, and wetted parts materials. You can find out more on our device page here at Visaya. I always like to highlight Bluetooth, and how easy it makes setting up.

And one other thing, the website. The VEGA website stands out in the automation world by letting you find information quickly and compare devices. This comparison tool shows you the differences between the models.

I didn’t find a video on the VEGASON 63, but this one can tell you more about the Bluetooth feature:


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