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Think about it.

If you want a device for your personal life, I’m sure that most of you will research product reviews on the internet. You want more than spec sheets and advertising, though. You also want to know how people who bought this device used it and felt about it – and its competitors.

Sure, YouTube videos and digital magazines express opinions, but you’ll draw your own conclusions, right? Okay, a small percentage of consumers will buy whatever people tell them to buy. However, most people won’t.

Because the B2C market produces a lot of product reviews, companies send their devices for review to important websites and YouTube channels. Regardless of the final opinion, these companies still get their brand marketed!

And the companies need to believe in their products, solutions, or services to convince their audiences to believe. If you don’t have a review, maybe your brand doesn’t make the grade!

A comparison between old and new products makes for a good review:

On the other hand, the B2B marketing does the opposite. When companies do comparisons internally, somehow they always manage to beat their competitors! Sure, I get needing team motivation, but come on.

If your product can’t beat the others, make it better. Don’t just pretend.

Reviews and comparisons provide some of the most important information for users. By focusing on what’s relevant to you and ignoring what isn’t, you can draw your own conclusions. Furthermore, while we give our opinions and sometimes joke about products, we never project them as anything more than opinions!

We also try to provide more than two options. Anyone reading an article here can usually find more information about the product through the links, the poll results, or the comments on the article.

Another good example of product review:

We offer public content to give readers a way to enjoy learning more about a specific device or solution. We never intend to say, “A is better than B.” We only want to say, “A has these functions over B, but B has a better price and these options. What do you prefer?”

So why do we do product reviews?

To give you different perspectives, to provide information transparently, to introduce new opinions, to create discussion, and to help users research devices!

Do you want us to review a product with a video, article, or  some other way? We’ll do it! Give us a buzz on and we’ll check it out. See ya on the flip side!

Fabrício AndradeLead writer


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