Some devices from Weidmuller offer the possibility to power them using the DIN-rail bus. However, if you want a clean design to power up a Weidmuller product, such as the products we’ve already reviewed here, then the ACT20-FEED-IN-BASIC-S from Weidmuller can provide a tidy way to power many devices at the same time.

In this article here, we check out how it can give you a plug-and-play solution and also how you can apply it in a new project.


Supply module, Screw connection

From €72.00

What is it?

Usually, if you have a panel, then most of the products on it use the DIN rail for installation. You can have anything from a simple cable connection up to multiple types of transmitter and power supply using the same installation concept.

However, the devices power up using the standard power supply installation, with a lot of wires to distribute the energy. In general, you have tons of cables and wires to move the signals and power where they need to go.

What if you could simplify the installation and number of cables? The ACT20-FEED from Weidmuller receives 24 volts from the power supply and converts them for the DIN-rail bus. That means that every device which uses the same concept of power can easily pull energy through the DIN-rail bus with this device.

What can it do?

When you want all of your Weidmuller devices powering up using the DIN-rain bus, then the ACT20-FEED can make it happen for you.


The module will take the input signal, a power supply of 24 volts of direct current (+-30 per cent), and a maximum current of 2.5 volts of alternating current and bridge them via the DIN-rail bus.

Keep in mind that the ACT20-FEED-IN-BASIC-S is the basic version, obviously. Other versions, such as the ACT20-FEED-IN-PRO-S, can detect faults and send alerts out using the status output.

In general,  this model is super straightforward. It has a very compact size, 114.3 mm by 6.1 mm by 112.5 mm, which makes it sound convenient for many applications. However, it’s a rather niche product and only works for certain types of devices.

When do I need it?

If you want a compact installation using Weidmuller products, the ACT20-FEED-IN-BASIC-S can create a bridge to power up several Weidmuller devices at the same time.

Here we have more details for this model:

  • Input supply voltage: 24 VDC +-30%
  • Max. input current: 2.5 ADC
  • Output:  equal to the input
  • Dimensions: 114.3 mm x 6.1 mm x 112.5 mm
  • Protection class: IP 20
  • Operation temperature: -20 to 60 °C


If you’re a big Weidmuller fan and want to connect all your favorite products, then check the ACT20-FEED-IN-BASIC-S out!

To know more about such products, you can get in touch with our engineers!

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