Yokogawa YHC5150X

Let’s talk about the handheld from Yokogawa – or do we say Meriam now? Dunno, but here we’ll go over the YHC5150X. For starters, this device could’ve used a better name. I’d like to remember it later, and the website makes it difficult to find manuals and more info about it. For now, let’s call it the 5150X.

When you think about handhelds, the name Yokogawa doesn’t pop to mind immediately. However, now this crew has a HART option that could work for you!

Whatcha got there?

I’ll bet you won’t consider the 5150X a beautiful handheld. It looks weird to me, and the size (11.9″ x 5.6″ x 1.9″) and weight (almost one kilogram) don’t help much.

Also the YHC5150X only works with HART. This could hurt if you have a field service company, because many options on the market offer HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus in the same handheld.

Courtesy of YOKOGAWA

It doesn’t offer more than the standard and cheapest handhelds offer, either. The navigation menu reminds me of Windows 95 mixed with MS-DOS. Yikes. However, you have a good-sized display with a touchscreen, which helps since most users prefer the display over the keypad.

What can it do?

You can communicate with HART devices using registered or unregistered device descriptions (DD), but eh, pretty pedestrian fare here. On the other hand, it has great storage, with 4 GB already installed and room to stuff in a system card up to 64 GB. You could even install an emulator game and play in your free time! Just kidding. Don’t do that.

It has plenty of juice from its hefty battery too, although that battery reflects directly on the size and weight of it. The simple menus remind me of an old and cheap operational system. Of course, my aesthetic preference has nothing to do with performance. The device uses software based on Windows Embedded CE™, as most market options do.

Courtesy of YOKOGAWA

If you need the keypad, then the QWERTY keyboard will make your work quicker. But as most users prefer the touchscreen to the keypad, that means very little.

Why should I care?

Yokogawa – or Meriam – follows the market trend of offering a solution to upgrade databases and manage libraries. The FC Manager software can update the database from the internet or directly from your drive.

Best of all, it sounds like you can update the handheld with a free program! Check on that, because if it’s true, then that feature puts it in front of its competitors.

The 5150X  has a function to save configurations and download them to multiple devices. I like this feature because many handhelds on the market lack this function.

Furthermore, it’ll integrate with plant asset management software and has an external calibrator. Of course, most people expect these features, but they could make a difference in your point of view.

Take a look at this video. It’ll give you more info about the YHC5150X, not to mention confirm my theory that nobody uses the keyboard!

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