Expert’s answer: Why should you apply a 3D Level scanner?

Both solutions will give you the level measurement you’re looking for! However, the 3D level scanner is a fancy device. That means the price is proportional to the level of the information that you’re going to have.

In fact, the discussion about this sort of application is related to how the product is stored in the storage vessel.

 3D level scanner
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Meaning that when you have a solidly stored product, it can be pretty tough to figure out the volume of the tank. Why? Simple: Because of the behavior of the product inside the vessel.

The 3D level scanner provides you with a better overview of the level and an easy way to calculate the volume of the product. The build-up in the wall of the tank can be a problem and cause an accident. But with the 3D level scanner, you can see how the product is stored and if you have build-up in your tank.

You will find most of the applications on a radar instead of a 3D level scanner. The level of investment is different – the 3D level scanner requires software and more engineering to give you all the benefits of the technology. However, you can implement the information into the control system, but the 3D software is the real key here and that part can be a pretty big investment for you.

Over the last decade, the radar has been working properly in this kind of application.

Today, you have the 3D level transmitter as a new option. You will have access to more information, but the price will be steeper. So, what you need to figure out is – is this investment worth it for you?

Want to learn more? Below you have a list of 3D level solutions on the market:

Here you have a list of radar to solid application:

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