Expert’s answer: How do you use a 3D scanner for level measurement?

To recap, you want to know if you can use a 3D scanner for level measurement and the benefit of this? Good questions! 3D level scanners are basically applied to level solid measurement. There’s an ongoing discussion if the solution is too much for a level measurement or not. The prevailing view, though is that a 3D level scanner brings a lot of benefits in solid level measurement.

3D scanner for level measurement
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

A 3D level scanner can provide an accurate level measurement and a three-dimensional measurement. You can get an accurate level measurement using this kind of technology. In that case, the level of information is proportional the price.

Usually, you’re going to find more radars that can be applied in this kind of application. As I told you, the 3D level scanner will provide you with more information than a radar level transmitter. Nonetheless, you should analyze if your application requires that level of information.

Below you have a list of 3D level scanners on the market:

And here’s a list of radar level transmitters:

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