Sadly, display issues happen are very common with the Emerson 475 Field Communicator. I’ve heard about the white spots ruining the touchscreen before.  And we even mentioned this in our Emerson 475 Field Communicator product review.

Sometimes you can’t fix these issues. Many users have commented on the problem, and most of them replaced their Emerson 475 displays to get the touchscreen function back.

Fixing Emerson 475 display issues by display calibration

However, you may not have to send your Emerson 475 HART Communicator in for maintenance just yet. Have you tried calibrating the display? Because that might work for you.

If you go to the menu, then you’ll see the option to align the Emerson 475 display. To do that, you follow an arrow to touch different parts of the display. If you can’t finish the alignment, then you definitely need to send your 475 Field Communicator in for repair by a specialist.

475 Field Communicator display
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

However, if the procedure works, then you can postpone the maintenance. Still, you know white spots on your display aren’t normal. So you should send your 475 Field Communicator in for repair as soon as you can.

On the bright side, the Emerson 475 HART Communicator has large buttons to work with. So you can control all the functions with them, using the display only as a monitor. And if one of your favourite buttons breaks, then you can switch to the touchscreen until you get a chance to send it in.

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