Expert’s answer: ABB 266 pitot setup

The ABB 266 pitot setup is easy as ABC 123! But don’t get excited yet! You need info on the primary element to make all this work. Luckily for you, the ABB website or manual can give you all the info you to set up this meter. Still, it can’t hurt to go over it with you now.

ABB 266 pitot setup
Courtesy of ABB

To start with, the pitot generates dynamic pressure by creating a differential between its leading face and trailing face. Below you can see the equations to calculate the mass flow and volumetric flow.

Qm = K x √2 x Δp x density         Qv=K x √2 x Δp x 1/density

  • K = factor
  • Density = density of the fluid
  • Δp= differential pressure
  • Qm= mass flow
  • Qv= volumetric flow

You can set up the device easily through its display, as it gives you the relevant information step by step. You’ll need to set the lower and upper ranges of the process variable and choose the linearization type as well.

This gives you the basic configuration for volumetric flow. If you have a flow computer with temperature compensation and more, then the setup will take a little more work.

List of DP flow manufacturers:

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