Expert’s answer: Damping time and ABB pressure device setup

An ABB pressure device setup is not a complicated thing to do. First of all, don’t change the damping to hide a possible process problem. This will only lead to the operator stopping and asking you why the pressure transmitter never provided a stable measurement.

The damping is an option that’s used to minimize small variations in the process. But you can’t use the function to hide possible problems with the measurement. You see, when you bought your ABB pressure transmitter, the device came with a standard configuration. Usually, the setup to damping is 1 second in the device.

ABB pressure device setup
Courtesy of ABB

The easiest way to do the configuration is to go through the basic setup configuration and find the damping configuration. You’ll be able to choose between the options, follow the step by step below:

Language > Tag > PV unit > PV > Lower range value > PV upper range value > Linearization type > Damping

In the damping menu, the minimum value is 0 seconds and the maximum value is 60 seconds. When you choose the better option for the application, think about the first point we discussed here.

Below you have a list of pressure transmitters on the market:

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