Expert’s answer: Air flow meter for air handler filter?

So, you want to know: can you use an air flow meter for air handler filter? Well, for flow measurement, you have several cost-effective tools that offer accuracy and easy installation.

First, you have the differential pressure flow meter. In this case, you need a device designed for your flow. For example, the TrueFlow air handler flow meter can measure air flow through air handlers rated from one to five tons.

Air flow meter for air handler filter - Trueflow
Flow meter based on differential pressure

It gives a flow accuracy of 7 percent, and when applied with a pressure gauge can have an accuracy of 1 percent. For more information, take a look at the user’s manual.

The second option is an anemometer. This tool measures rotation to calculate a flow rate or pressure equivalent. When combined with the cross section of the device, the accuracy is usually around 5 percent. Also, it’s easy to use compared other solutions.

Handheld digital air flow meter

If you want a temporary application, the DP flow meter will probably help the most. For an online application, a thermal flow meter or a pitot tube can offer better communication and installation.

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