Expert’s answer: Where to find the AMS Trex manual?

Not a bad question. First of all, you need to know about the product reviews and product comparisons we have here on Visaya.Solutions.


The AMS Trex communicator has been reviewed twice! We have also compared it to the Beamex MC6 from Beamex. The MC6 is an outstanding device, and you can read more about this calibrator and also Handheld for HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and PROFIBUS PA.  We also did a comparison with the GE DPI 620 Genii, another outstanding device on the market. Similar as the MC6, the Genii is more than just a calibrator. You can set up and power up field devices using this tool.

Back to the AMS Trex

The folks at Emerson put in lot of time developing this new platform. And let me tell you, it shows! The Trex brings you all expertise from Emerson Automation Solution on field communicators. Fist off, you have a good user experience. Not to mention, a wide database with different device descriptions from the majority of the vendors around the world.

The AMS Trex manual is full of relevant information on a basic level if you are interested in making a purchase. As well as in depth operating information if your company already owns. However, I recommend you read our products reviews where we organize the relevant information about the AMS Trex communication. Moreover, we evaluate the AMS Trex manual, website and so on.

Now, just click on this link you can download the AMS trex manual. Give it a quick read and hopefully it can answer the rest of your questions. Otherwise, you can contact a local sales person to help you scale out the device and maybe even test the Trex. In conclusion, the AMS Trex communication is an outstanding handheld communicator on the market right now. However, the device is still lacking a few options but the timeline of development is promising.

Below you have a video about AMS Trex communicator:

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