Expert’s answer: Application with PROMASS Q 300

Is there a particular reason you chose the PROMASS Q 300? Lets review some basic information on the PROMASS Q 300. Next we will take a look at another option, like the PROMASS F 300. My reasoning here is pretty simple. The cost of PROMASS F is lower compared to the cost of the PROMASS Q. Why not scale out the F sensor and find out if the performance is satisfactory for you?

Let’s Begin

Before I start to scale out the flow meters, you need to know the online tools from Endress+Hauser. The applicator is the tool for scaling out a new flow meter and other related objectives. Some brands have similar tools, such as the toolkit from Emerson Automation Solutions. Word to the wise the Emerson tool is not online. But fear not, you can download and install it on your laptop without issues.

The database available on the applicator already has the option for glycerine 50%. Choose the PROMASS Q 300 and fill out the requested flow, pressure, temperature. The performance of the flow meter is displayed on the right side of the screen. Other relevant points to check before we go to the accuracy is the material of the sensor, the pipe shape, the process connection and so on. Then, we can see the calculated results.


For your process requirements, the recommendation is to install a meter size of 1 inch. This device can provide you a maximum pressure loss of 0.3 bars, volume error of 0.1 percent, mass error of 0.1, and if you choose the mass-premium, the error is around 0.05 percent. Not bad at all!


If you scale out a PROMASS F 300 using the same process requirements, the values will be similar! The pressure loss is higher because of the shape of the sensor around 0.49 bars. The volume error is around 0.1 percent, the mass error is around 0.1 percent, and the mass-premium error is 0.05 percent.


However, you’re even going to have similar values to PROMASS E 300! It means you can save even more money. You don’t need to apply a PROMASS F or Q! The PROMASS E 300 can provide good accuracy and pressure loss as well.

Below you have the video about the Endress+Hauser’s flow portfolio:

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