Expert’s answer: Application – PROMASS Q 500

Good, let’s find out if the results will be the same! First, I think it is important to give a quick overview on how to do that. We should also cover where you need to go to scale out an Endress+Hauser flow meter. When you have a new application that you send out to your vendors, the application engineers will be responsible for scaling out the flow meter for you. Depending on the company a couple different things can happen from there. Some companies have public software where you can do it by yourself, while others have a spreadsheet or maybe a software that you’d to install on your laptop.

Endress+Hauser flow meter

It is pretty simple to scale out a flow meter from Endress+Hauser, you can even do it by yourself. You just need to access the applicator on your web browser and fill out your process information. The applicator already has a ton of different products available. Once you select the flow meter and fill in the process values you are ready to go! If you don’t know which model is the right one for your application, there is also the option to have the applicator recommended devices based on your information.

Fill it out!

Now lets talk about filling the applicator with your process information and using the PROMASS Q 500 as the device for the application.

  • The meter size recommended is 3 inches
  • The measured error mass is around 0.5 percent
  • The maximum pressure loss is 0.04 bar.

Not bad at all. Depending on the desired accuracy, you can go with the PROMASS Q 500 or the PROMASS F 500.  Although in this case, with a meter size of 3 inches the velocity is too high. My recommendation is to use a bigger size.

Furthermore, you can compare the sizes using the tri-size tab. If you set up the applicator to advanced options, you can also compare different types of flow meters to figure it out if the Coriolis is the right option.

Below you have a video about Endress+Hauser flow portfolio:

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