Expert’s answer: Which is the best flow meter?

Do you want to know which flow meter is best for your application? Sorry, but the best flow meter depends on the application. Maybe you have a favorite brand and in your mind, that brand produces the best flow meters. However, it all depends on the circumstances.

Best flow meter
Courtesy of Siemens

In your case, my advice is that you should collect the process information and analyze the performance of each flow meter exposed to the same conditions. This should be the first point of comparison. Second, both flow meters might offer you a good result in your application. In that case, you can analyze the installation requirement and fancy stuff, such as the advanced diagnostic.

After you have all the facts on paper, you can decide each flow meter is the best for your application. In the end, this helps you figure out the best flow meter for your needs.

Interested in learning more? Below is a list of good magmeter on the market:

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