You can find a field communicator with the best features for you. In the article here, we review some features that might support you with your requirements.

If you want to get a new handheld, you have options that can power your device so you can skip the external power supply. That’ll make your life easier. Certain HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices have this feature, and some can also power up PROFIBUS PA devices.

You can check out SMT70 in our shop. This is a tablet PC designed as a complete solution that comes with pre-installed driver libraries. It is an easy-to-use, touch-enabled tool, which can be used to manage field instruments during their entire life cycle.

Field Xpert SMT70 Field Communicator Universal, high-performance field communicator for device configuration
in the shop from 6300 €

Furthermore, we assume your field communicator uses only HART. You can choose tablets with more than HART communication. These tablets have all the approvals and certifications necessary to work in harsh environments. And new devices can have Bluetooth or even a web server, so you can configure your device without any particular software or tool.

To know more about such products, you can get in touch with our engineers!

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