Expert’s answer: Do you need a radar for boiler level measurement?

Boiler level measurement can be a challenge depending on the technology you want to implement.

The thing is:

If you want to implement a differential pressure for this kind of level measurement, the problem is the mechanical installation.

You see, boiler level measurement requires an equipment to support a high temperature. Usually, the differential pressure application requires a seal pot between the level transmitter and the boiler. But unfortunately, the seal pot often causes problems related to level measurement.

Because of the steam inside the boiler, the level of the seal pot can cause problems. That difference will increase the error of the level measurement. Furthermore, your device might be incorrectly installed. Plus, you might have a low-quality pressure transmitter and a bad setup. Unfortunately, all of these factors increase the problems.

Boiler level measurement
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Here, the radar level transmitter can be a great solution. The time-of-flight principle is not affected by the steam and the pressure and gas phase changes in the boiler.

For this kind of application, you can implement a guided radar as a type of radar. The gas compensation is an important feature to have a great and accurate level measurement. Moreover, the installation is usually in a bypass that’s separate from the tank.


Below you have a list of guided radars on the market. You can implement these in your boiler level measurement.

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