Expert’s answer: Burst mode on field panel device

Why wouldn’t you want to do that? I’d activate it just because it sounds cool! I wish I could operate in burst mode!

Seriously though, you want it on because the converter needs to read the HART values from your field device. If you enable the burst mode, it’ll allow your device to send that data.

First, you have to set the burst mode on the device. You can use the display or handheld, whichever floats your boat. Then pick a card, any card (and by card I mean variable). Thus and so, the converter will catch the HART data, wave its wand, and convert it to analog outputs for the variable(s) you selected.

Burst mode
Rosemount™ 333 HART® Tri-Loop™ Signal Converter (copyright Emerson)

Because we love you, a quick tip before we dash: You can also use the burst mode when you want to send process data by wirelessHART using a wireless adapter. Nifty, huh?

These companies have a broad range of HART converters:

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