Heartbeat Technology is an innovative way to monitor flow meters. The technology allows information collecting without removing or shutting down the flow meter, saving a lot of work hours and downtime.

Heartbeat Technology is traceable with stable factory conditions. Furthermore, the test complies with the ISO 9001 requirements for traceable tests and calibrations. And Heartbeat is also confirmed by the TÜV testing institute. So that means it provides certification for each device that has the technology.

Heartbeat Technology is available with the following Endress + Hauser flow meters:

  • Coriolis – Model 100, 200, 300 and 500
  • Electromagnetic flow meter – Model 100, 200, 400, 300 and 500
  • Vortex – Model 200

Collecting information using HeartBeat technology

There are three ways to collect Heartbeat Technology information. If you have a flow meter with an Ethernet port built-in you can connect the laptop to the ethernet port and access the configuration via the web browser to see the report.

The same device provides access through FieldCare. The software will give you the same level of information and the report can even be customized, thus providing more detailed information about the flow meter conditions, including infographics. To find out more about it, see our Heartbeat vs FieldCare comparison.

The new flow meters from Endress+Hauser provide you the option to do the configuration through a wifi communication built-in. You can access the flow meter information remotely using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

The model 200 is the only one without Ethernet port to give you access to the Heartbeat Technology, you have to communicate via the HART interface (Field communicator or PAM system).

This video will tell you more about Heartbeat Technology:

Verification vs monitoring vs diagnostics

There are three types of heartbeat technology available.

  • Heartbeat Diagnostic offers you a basic diagnosis of the flow meter which is based on the Namur NE 107.
  • Heartbeat Verification provides you with a detailed device testing report. The report contains details about the output, the transmitter and the sensor. It also evaluates the current performance of your device. Furthermore, if you have FieldCare, you will gain additional details about the limits and a graphic of each verification, too.
  • Heartbeat Monitoring does not only offer you the same information as the Heartbeat verification, but it also enables online monitoring of the measurement tube conditions.

The simplest option is the Heartbeat Diagnostics. This will give you a basic diagnosis based on the NAMUR NE 107. You will not receive a special report.

The difference between Heartbeat Technology Monitoring and Verification is also easy to explain. With the Heartbeat verification, you either have to go to the device in the field or run the verification remotely through the web server or a PAM system. The Heartbeat Verification also provides you with a report covering all tested units of the flow meter.

The report from the web server tells you if the flow meter passed each step of the verification. The report from the PAM system provides the same information plus further measurement information, charts, and graphics about previous verifications.

Heartbeat monitoring transfers additional measured variables to an external condition system and helps you to detect modifications at an early stage.

How often do flow meters need to be verified?

We recommend running the verification report once a month to check the flow meter’s conditions. Yet, if you find out that once a month is too often it will also be sufficient to run the verification each 2 to 6 months.

Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

The Heartbeat technology report will give you detailed information about the output, the transmitter and the sensor conditions. With this information, you are able to check if the device is working properly or if you need to schedule maintenance.

The idea is to trace the lifespan of the flow meter. Therefore the Heartbeat technology and the FieldCare can be a major help. FieldCare provides you with a graphic to track any changes in the flow meter. As a result, you will be able to avoid unscheduled downtime.

Checking calibration using Heartbeat Technology

Now you can run the verification and use it to attach a printed report to the verification task. The report will then inform you if the flow meter is working properly or not. Alternatively, it will let you know if calibration is necessary.

Does your flow meter not work properly? Then the report will show you what is causing the error that affects your device.

To know more about Heartbeat Technology, please ask our engineers!

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