Expert’s answer: Can I have a FOUNDATION Fieldbus wireless device?

Yes indeed, you can get a FOUNDATION Fieldbus wireless device. In fact, the ISA 100.11a allows multiprotocol for your wireless network, which makes it easier to use than wirelessHARTs.

In 2013, the Fieldbus Foundation offered a transducer block to allow   FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices into ISA 100.1.a wireless networks. After creating the block, the Foundation made an extension of it, the FOUNDATION Fieldbus for Remote Operation Management (ROM). As a result, FF networks can access devices and applications remotely, so you can integrate ISA 100, wirelessHART and Remote IO. And so this solution had an approved test at Petrobras in Brazil. Therefore, if you want to add a wireless device to an FF network, use the FF for ROM.

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