Expert’s answer: Can pump vibration cause problems with my Coriolis flow meter?

Yup, that vibration can affect your measurement! But don’t get upset yet. If this model works with a high frequency, then you won’t have the vibration resonating in the same frequency as your flow meter.

You only need to worry if the resonance of the pipe achieves the same resonance of your measuring tube. Vendors have found a number of ways to fix that issue, not just high frequency.

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Courtesy of Yokogawa

For instance, Yokogawa uses an inner box connected to the outer box, with the idea that the outer box will absorb the vibrations. The crew from Azbil put a torsion bar inside the detector that vibrates the tube indirectly.

You can also find companies suggesting that you install vibration isolators. Funnily enough, although some companies claim their technology eliminates external vibration, their calibration rigs have vibration isolators installed. Is this double security? Dunno.

Anyway, this video can tell you more about Coriolis flow meters:

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