Expert’s answer: Cement slurry flow

Several vendors offer electromagnetic flow meters specifically for slurry. Your biggest challenge, however, will be the abrasion. These cement slurry flow meters have different types of liner and electrode material to extend the lifespans of the meters.

Typically, most companies around the world use magmeters for cement slurry measurement. Other options on the market guarantee a long lifetime in a slurry application, but they generally cost more.

Cement slurry flow
CIDRA flow meter – Copyright CIDRA (

When you scale out a magmeter for this kind of use, pay attention to the flow velocity. Because a high velocity can raise the abrasion and shorten the life of your meter.

CIDRA offers an ultrasonic slurry meter with references in a wide range of applications around the world. You install it outside the pipe to cover the pipe, making it easy to set up. Granted, it costs more than a traditional magmeter, but you can compare the two to see which suits your needs best.

These companies offer slurry meters:

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