Expert answer: Cerabar PMP55 local configuration – how does it do?

So you want to know how to configure the Cerabar PMP55. Let’s have a quick look at it.

The Endress+Hauser Cerabar PMP55 digital pressure transmitter, like other differential pressure devices, can measure flow, level, volume, or mass in liquids as well as pressure. You can use it for extreme process temperature applications from -70 to 400 degrees Celsius. The device has a standard housing for any application and a stainless steel option for hygienic processes.

If your Cerabar PMP55 has the optional display, you can use that configure locally. The four-line LCD display shows you an eight-digit measured value, including sign and decimal point, and a bar graph. You can also turn it in 90-degree stages. It comes with three operation keys to set your upper range value (URV) and lower range value (LRV), so we’ll start here.

To navigate the menu, you’ll use all three keys. The “+” key moves down the menu and the “-” key upwards. To select, you simply hit the “E” key. Now you must be thinking: up, down, select – how do I get back to a previous menu? To do that, press both + and – at the same time.

Now that you know how to navigate, you can go to the “Set URV” option and select it. You’ll change the value from left to right. However, you won’t need to set insignificant zeroes. If you go all the way down, then you’ll find a bent-arrow symbol. This symbol deletes the digit.

You can see an example in the table below, with the instructions on how to change the URV from 100 to 50 millibars.

Cerabar PMP55 local configuration
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

To set up your LRV, you’ll need to find the “Set LRV” menu and repeat the process above. Do you follow? If you have more questions, then throw them at me!


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