Expert’s answer: Chocolate flow measurement

Hi there. Indeed, matchmaking and finding the best device can be tricky, even for chocolate flow measurement.

In your case, the correct flow meter is called Coriolis. The key point of the application is the temperature because depending on the temperature you will have a high viscosity. This high viscosity will affect the flow meter, increasing the abrasion.

Heartbeat Technology and chocolate flow measurement
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An important note: while choosing the right device, always check if the flow meter offers you the certification, which is necessary for a food application.

Furthermore, the IP69k will be a common request today and can help to avoid problems when the operator decides to clean up the process, using a high pressure water machine.

Also, feel free to check out some useful online tools which will help you to find out the best device for your application. For example, start with these two:

They will help you to record application information and process conditions, run time-consuming calculations required to find a right instrument, select a valid Rosemount or Micro Motion model number, generate and print reports – lots of hard work off your shoulders!

Other companies with Coriolis flow meters:

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Beer flow measurement
How can we apply a Coriolis in our application? Our information is as follows: Product: Beer, flow range: 0 – 2500 l/h, temperature: – 20 to 20ºC and the pressure is 2 bar.

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