Expert’s answer: How to collect Heartbeat Technology information?

There are three ways to collect the Heartbeat Technology information. If you have a flow meter with an Ethernet port built-in you can connect the laptop to the ethernet port and access the configuration via the web browser to see the report.

The same device provides the access through the FieldCare. The software will give you the same level of information and the report can even be customized, thus providing more-detailed information about the flow meter conditions.

The new flow meters from Endress+Hauser provide you the option to do the configuration through a wifi communication built-in. You can access the flow meter information remotely using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Heartbeat Technology
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

The model 200 is the only one without Ethernet port to give you access to the Heartbeat Technology, you have to communicate via the HART interface (Field communicator or PAM system).

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