Expert’s answer: Proper Coriolis installation

Hey, so you want to know if a Coriolis installation requires inlet and outlet runs and how to correctly install it for a gas application.

Good questions. First, always read the manual before installing your device. Nobody likes reading them, I know, but it helps more than you think. Okay, now to your case.

The Coriolis meter doesn’t need inlet or outlet runs; this feature puts the Coriolis above the rest. You can install it vertically or horizontally, but when you mount it vertically, the fluid should go up. If you mount it horizontally and the temperature is high, install it head down. Otherwise put it in head up. Hope that helps!

Where can you get more information about Coriolis flow meters?

Want to know more about a Coriolis installation and where to find the right Coriolis flow meter? Is so, we’ve included some useful links below. Most of these companies have their own Coriolis flow meter installation guidelines that might be useful for you!

Companies with Coriolis flow meters:

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